Monday, October 10, 2011

morning walks and new boots

After Benjamin and Leo leave for school with daddy, we start our day off with a walk. I get everybody bundled up, since the mornings have become a bit cooler now. We go out the back kitchen door into our screened in porch. Joseph and Robby get settled into the double stroller, and Ruth opens the screen door for me. Then, we talk our morning walk to drop Ruth off at her little preschool. It's actually become one of my favorite parts of the day. We sing songs and pray as we walk together. It's a really sweet time to start the day off!

I took a few photos this morning of our walk. And I had to include my new boots, too! Today was the first day I got to wear them. And let me tell you, I absolutely love them!! They are so comfortable. And I feel pretty cute in them, too. :) (Thanks, Dad, for sending me the money to buy them. You are so good to me!)

getting ready to go

all smiles! 
"i can't wait to go to preschool, mom!"

my new boots!

leaving our backyard through the little path
(the kids and i like to call the hidden passageway "the forest")

me in one of my favorite scarves - so glad it's cooler now so i can wear it!

joseph is cracking me up with his sideways hat :)

tree trunks

another shot of my boots!! aren't they awesome?

our well-loved double stroller.

a pretty fall leaf on the path back home

love that little smirk
(just like his daddy's)

i mean, seriously - could you get any cuter than this?!!


Hope everyone has a great day!

And in honor of today being Columbus Day, let's make some new discoveries today!!

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  1. Nothing better than a fall walk with the kids. :) And I love your boots! Visiting from Life Made Lovely. :)

  2. Those boots rock! love the fur... and it looks like you had a fun walk too! ;-)

  3. the smirk is TOTAL it--and love you!

  4. What a great picture of Robby- look at those baby teeth!
    What a sweet family you have- and thank you for your prayers for my little family. What a blessing the kinship of Christ is!

  5. Okay....I LOVE your boots! I'm a shoe-lover...especially boots...and the fur was the best part! NICE.

    (wish it would get a bit cooler here...right now it's 6ish at night and I am steaming hot! In New England, no less!)

  6. Don't you just love how kids turn something like a path into a forest?! Too cute.



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