Sunday, October 30, 2011

Harvest Fest - day two & day three

Well, Harvest Fest is over. God did so much, and there is a ton for me to process and think about. I was able to pray for so many women, blessing them and speaking hope into their hearts, as I put their necklaces around their necks. It was an honor for me to be God's little vessel and encourage the hearts of His precious daughters.

The overall theme this year seemed to be healing from loss, more specifically loss of loved ones who had recently passed away. Several people were drawn to necklaces that spoke directly to their journey of losing someone very dear to them. God used some of my necklaces to help bring closure, comfort, and healing to their hearts. And I cannot tell you how blessed and thankful I feel that He would use these small works of my hands as tools to help in the very important process of grieving and healing.

One girl was immediately drawn to this little leaf-shaped silver JOY necklace with a tiny pearl. Her best friend recently died suddenly of a brain aneurysm. Her name was Joy and her birthstone was a pearl. She bought the necklace to help her grieve the loss of her friend and also to honor her life and remember her.
(She was a missionary overseas)

I gave this {covering} necklace (minus the feather) to a woman who's husband died this past year. They had a ministry together where they taught people how to create beautiful pottery on a potter's wheel. (They actually had a booth right next to mine at Harvest Fest last year.) I ran into her yesterday, and she shared the sad news with me. She is alone now with their four boys. I made this little necklace just yesterday morning. And when I saw her, I knew that she was supposed to have the covering pendant to remind her that the Lord was her covering; that He was covering her with His wings of protection and healing. She was so touched and encouraged by the necklace, and I pray that God will use it to comfort her in this very difficult time for her and her sons.

One other woman was drawn to a necklace that I had made that said LET GO - LET GOD. It reminded her of her father, who had recently died. Her mother had to make the difficult decision to take him off of life support. When they were in the hospital during that sad time, she said her mother kept saying, "Let Go, Let God."  So, this sweet woman bought the necklace on Friday to help her remember and honor her father, as well as give her closure and healing. I saw her yesterday and she was wearing the necklace. She told me that she had already received so much hope and encouragement from the Lord through it.

I am so amazed at how God works through these little things. It blesses my heart so much. He loves us so dearly. He wants to help us through the pain and sorrow in our lives. He longs to communicate His love to us. He knows us all so intimately and individually. He treasures us. He wants to adorn us like a bride. He wants to put a crown of beauty upon our heads and a garland of grace around our shoulders.  He wants to cover us with His big wings of healing and protection. 

My sweet friend Joy came up to visit me at my booth yesterday. She took this photo of me. (I'm wearing a beautiful new scarf that I got from another vendor - it is embroidered with a scripture on it, too)

And as I look at myself in this photo, I realize how happy this {eager hands} experience has made me. I look so content and filled, don't I?  I am so thankful to God for giving me this ministry and for allowing me to use the works of my hands to give Him glory!


  1. i so need to order a necklace from you!! xmas gift for myself i think.

  2. So amazing! I love reading these stories, Lora - thank you for sharing :)



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