Thursday, October 27, 2011

Harvest Fest - day one

I only have a few minutes to give y'all an update about my first day at Harvest Fest. I am so tired!! Gotta go to bed soon.

It was a GREAT first day! I met so many wonderful people, got to pray for several sweet ladies, and sold lots of jewelry. It was a blessing. The day flew by! I talked so much for so many hours that my voice was hoarse at the end of the day. And I sat down like 3 times the entire time. It was super fun. I was totally in my element!

Thanks so much for all your thoughts and prayers. They mean the world to me! I felt totally covered in prayer today. And the children did so well with the babysitter, too! Everything went so smoothly. Keep on praying for tomorrow and Saturday as well. Pray for divine connections, lots of God-moments with people, and for Him to bless the works of my hands.

I decided at the last minute this morning to bring my dress form along. I put a cute little white flowy dress and green cardigan on it, and then displayed several long necklaces there. It turned out super cute, and I was glad that I brought it along!

I'll share one quick little story about that big key necklace in the photo (the longest one):

One sweet lady came up to the booth today and was drawn to that necklace. I reached behind me and took it off the dress form. As I handed it to her, I was excited to read her the scripture that the Lord showed me while I was making it. I knew that God had a sweet word to speak to her. (He'd been doing neat things like that for the women all day long, so I was super expectant!)

I told her that the name of the necklace was "The Key to Delighting in the Lord". There was a big number "1" on the antique key, and I based the necklace on Psalm 1.  And when I told her that, she gasped, and said, "My mother recently passed away, and before she died, she spoke Psalm 1 as a blessing over me and my life!"

God is so good. Seriously. He totally used that necklace to bless that woman's socks off. It made my day. I can't wait to see what He's gonna do tomorrow!


  1. Lora, that's awesome. So glad it's going so well. Sweet dreams!



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