Thursday, October 20, 2011

getting ready for harvest fest

I'm gearing up for Harvest Fest next week! I've got so much going on right now!! Soooo busy. But, I am really happy, too. Nothing like busy (eager) hands to keep me in a good mood!

Every spare minute I have is spent making jewelry. I am up to about 120 pieces now. So exciting! The creative juices certainly are flowing. (thank you, Jesus!)

Here's a few candid shots I took this afternoon to give you an idea of what I've been up to...

stamping jewelry tags

getting lots of packages in the mail containing supplies for making more jewelry

my big vintage cookie tin filled with the jewelry that I've been making

happy girl with eager hands

and a little braid in her hair :)

one of my new necklaces for harvest fest (one of my favorites)

one of the many antique skeleton key necklaces that i've made
(these are usually a big hit!)

my little helper stamping my jewelry tags

chains, chains and more chains...

the earrings i made this afternoon
(i thought some people might like to have earrings to match their necklaces...)

I would so appreciate your prayers over the next week. I've got many more necklaces I'd like to make. And I also need to tag every piece with the scriptures and inspiration that I got from the Lord for each one (that's the biggest job and most time consuming job of all - but definitely the most important!).

I have to daily surrender this whole Harvest Fest event to the Lord. I know that all I can do is to my personal best, and leave the rest up to God. He will do the rest!

I'll leave you with this amazing little video that I found out about through Ann Voskamp's blog. It really touched me and reminded me that when things seem upside down and crazy in my life, God's got it all under control and knows exactly what He's doing! Take two minutes to watch this - you'll be blessed! :)


  1. I love your jewelry and the passion you have for making it! Praying over you as you prepare for Harvest Fest!

  2. Look at you go! Glad you are feeling happy as you prepare for Harvest Fest. Sending prayers your way :-)

  3. So glad you're having such fun!

  4. Exciting! I hope your sales are huge. Love that you have a helper and so glad you have GOD in your life!


  5. Praying for you - that the Lord would enable your hands to complete the work and that He would bring those in need of encouragement your way.

    (I got my necklace a couple of days ago and love it! The packaging was beautiful too. Thank you. :)



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