Saturday, September 3, 2011

(not so) random act of kindness

A few weeks ago, I blogged about learning how to sew little skirts for Ruth, who is starting preschool in a few days. It was a pretty transparent post - I shared a bit about our family's personal financial struggles recently. I was so blessed to read all of your sweet comments and words of encouragement.

Soon after I wrote that post, I received an email from a sweet lady named Kristy, a new reader to my blog. She asked if she could mail me some things for Ruth. I was so touched. Well, yesterday, a large box came in the mail addressed to me and "princess". I was overwhelmed by the contents! Kristy, who is amazing seamstress, made Ruth some absolutely adorable clothes for school! Not only that, but also included in the box were ten super fun hair bow clips! I couldn't wait for Ruth to wake up from her nap so we could play dress up!

She came downstairs from her nap, sweaty hair and all, and immediately oohed and aahed over her new goodies! She put on an outfit, I let her choose a hair bow, and then we went out in the front yard to take some photos.

look at that adorable skirt!! isn't that the cutest fabric?
and she added a little ruffle detail at the bottom, too.

and the hair bow!!
(i can't believe she let me keep it in her hair, too! 
she wore it all night long and didn't fuss with it at all. it's a miracle!)

 the shirt has a sweet felt flower applique on it as well!

she's ready to go to preschool!
(that's a vanilla wafer in her hand, if you're curious)

After our little photo shoot, I knelt down on the grass next to Ruth and said, "Ruthie, you know why you got all these pretty clothes and hair bows? Because God loves you. He wants you to be happy."  She looked at me with those big beautiful blue eyes and beaming smile, and I really think she understood what I was telling her. It was a precious moment.

I am really so touched by Kristy's thoughtful gesture. Not really a "random" act of kindness, but certainly an intentional act of kindness! The Lord really used her gift to encourage this mommy's heart. I've never really been able to buy new pretty things for Ruth. Most of her clothes have been hand-me-downs. And I'm not complaining - we've been very blessed to have been given so really nice clothes for our kids! But, there's something kinda fun in getting a few brand new, never been worn, clothes! And those hair bows!! Oh my! Ruth has never worn little bows in her hair. I've just never been able to justify the expense when money's been so tight. So, getting a package with ten adorable ribbon hair clips was a total treat! And a big hug from God to me (and Ruth).  

Now, I am asking God to show me who I can bless with a "(not so) random act of kindess"! 

Wouldn't that be a wonderful way to live?!
Waking up each morning with these questions on our lips,

"Lord, who do you want me to show kindness to today?

What do I have in abundance that someone else needs today? 

What can I make for someone that would totally knock their socks off and let them know that they are loved?"

So, thank you, Kristy, for challenging me to reach outside of myself more. 
Because truly, that is where we really do find the most joy!


  1. So wonderful:) I have some patterns that my daughter has outgrown if you would like them. My daughter is 17 now and only wants to wear jeans and tee shirts:( Email my your address and I will get then together for you. I love the pay it forward way of life, too:) I have been immeasurably blessed!

    Do you also make silver or copper bookmarks? I need several Christmas gifts for my Bible study friends and would happily support your shop. Just curious:)

    Enjoy your bounty and hug your babies:) God is good!

  2. Great post! What a fantastic gift~ isn't that exactly what God wants to do with us; bless others? Wonderful reminder and inspiration. It's a win-win for everyone!

    Darling outfit Kristy!

  3. What a wonderful blessing. The outfit is darling, too! Thank you so much for this reminder... Now i am excited to think about who i can bless today :) You are such an inspiration, Lora! Thanks for your blog!!

  4. what a sweet testimony! love it, god is so good! xo



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