Tuesday, September 20, 2011

inspiring words from a century old book

Quiet Talks on Prayer by S.D. Gordon

I found this amazing little book at a thrift store last month.
It was written in 1904. What a treasure! So timeless. So true.

I wanted to share a short passage with y'all today.
I read it yesterday morning, and was so touched and encouraged!
I hope it encourages you, too!


"Shall we follow for a day one who has gotten the true perspective? Here is the outer side: a humble home, a narrow circle, tending the baby, patching, sewing, cooking, calling; or, measuring dry goods, chopping a typewriter, checking up a ledger; feeding the swift machinery, endless stitching, gripping a locomotive lever, pushing the plow, tending the stock, doing the chores, tiresome examination papers; and all the rest of the endless, doing, day by day, of the commonplace treadmill things, that must be done, that fill out the day of the great majority of human lives. This one whom we are following unseen is doing quietly, cheerily his daily round, with a bit of sunshine in his face, a light in his eye, and lightness in his step, and the commonplace place becomes uncommon by reason of the presence of this man with the uncommon spirit. He is working for God. No, better, he is working with God. He has an unseen Friend at his side. That changes all. The common drudgery ceases to be common, and ceases to be drudgery because it is done for such an uncommon Master."


{Isn't that so so good?!!}

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  1. LOVE this. So timely!
    Thank you xx

  2. awesome, lora!!

    most of my favorite books are super old, by puritan authors;) i think it is a great idea to always be reading something old and something new!!


  3. Clicked over from Call Me Blessed and so glad I did :)

    This is SUCH an encouragement! Thank you for sharing your little treasure :)

  4. What a great find! Love it! Hope you are well ;)



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