Monday, September 19, 2011

the icing on the cake

I've been thinking this morning about all the little ways that God has blessed me lately. He has been so sweet to me! Lots of small gifts for my children that have really made this mama happy! And He's also pampered me in some special ways, too. I am so grateful!!

One of the most recent blessing that I've been given recently is a vintage Transformers lunchbox and thermos. Yes, you read that right. :) 

I've been on the hunt for months for a really cool lunchbox for Benjamin for this school year. And as you know, he is totally into Transformers right now (the old cartoons from the 80's, not the new movies). Anyway, as y'all know, money is tight with us these days, so it wasn't really in the budget to get a new lunchbox, especially since his lunchbox from last year was still in good condition. But, I really wanted to bless my oldest son. So, I gave this little desire of mine to God. And anxiously waited to see what He would do!

I was browsing on etsy a few weeks ago, and came across a vintage Transformer lunchbox and thermos set. I knew that Benjamin would love it. I contacted the seller to see if there was any way he'd be open to a trade. A few days later, his wife sent me a message and said she would love it if i would make her a necklace in return for the lunchbox set. I was so excited!

So, I was able to pray for this sweet lady while I made her a pretty necklace that would encourage her heart (the necklace said "DREAM . BELIEVE . HOPE", by the way - isn't that fantastic? i think i might have to make another one of those for the shop!) And, Benjamin would get the lunchbox of his dreams. A perfect solution!!

Benjamin had a wonderful day last Thursday. He got to go to a friend's house for a playdate after school. I prayed that day while he was at his playdate, "Lord, please let that lunchbox come in the mail today. That would just make Benjamin's awesome day complete! Just like the icing on the cake!"  And sure enough, when I went out to get the mail later, the box was there!   I couldn't wait till Benjamin got home from his playdate! He ran inside and tore that box open! He was so happy!!

But here's the best part! It's almost like the hairbows story for Ruth. Benjamin opened that lunchbox to find the thermos inside AND a vintage Transformer toy! (Blast-Off, to be exact). The etsy seller sent the toy as an extra surprise! And Benjamin was ecstatic!

(this photo says it all!)

That toy inside the lunchbox was definitely the icing on the cake.
Definitely God's style.
That's what He loves to do. Go over and above. 
To bless the socks off his children!


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  1. What a wonderful surprise! God blesses us all. Benjamin is cute!

    Have a blessed day!


    I found your blog via twitter and will be following you.


  2. love love that lunch box! i actually just bought a few for my kiddos (they only go over to my parents still) hey they have to be cute though ;) I wish i could have found some super cute vintage ones though!!

    i was always a fan of my little pony eek....that's embarrassing! beautiful family. have a blessed week!

  3. Amen and amen!
    Yay God!



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