Monday, September 26, 2011

gertrude's treasures

I've got a new favorite corner in my house.

 My sweet in-laws came for a quick visit last week to drop off Clint's old bunkbed for the boys. They also brought a few pieces of Grandmama Gertrude's furniture with them. (She passed away a few months ago.) Clint and I feel so blessed to have some of her belongings in our home now. They are such a sweet reminder of her.

 I put her fantastic little vintage table/cabinet in a corner of my living room. I love the detail of the orange stitching on the front panels and the brass hardware on the cabinet doors. And I also think it fits perfectly underneath the vintage oil painting that Clint and I found years ago at a yard sale.

Don't you love the depth and color on that horn?
I've always loved this painting.

And next to the table, I put her gorgeous vintage bronze lamp. The light shines so beautifully through its amazing milk glass globe!
And just look at the detail at the base of the lamp! Amazing...

It's such a pretty little space now. I know that Grandmama would be pleased that I am enjoying her table and lamp. I can't help but think of her all those years ago in the 60's or 70's picking them out in the store. And now, I get to have them in my home! I know she would be happy to know that her great grandsons' crayons and coloring books are tucked away inside those cabinets, too. :)

Now, I'm blessed to be able to use some of her little treasures to help make my house more of a home.

Just another way that God has made my life more lovely.
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  1. Lora it all looks great! It's the best when you get to have those vintagey things passed down from family members. Means so much...:)

  2. I agree completely with your sentiment. Those lovely objects just make home even more meaningful. I have several old pieces from my Grammie and I will always love them and care for them. The memories that spring from them are the real treasure!

  3. Diane3:31 PM

    Thank you for your sweet comments and "recycling" Mama's things...she would be so pleased. She was my role model for frugality, thriftiness and being practical and economical...the reason I recycle zip lock bags :)

  4. Those pieces that have meaning behind them are the best! I love your little corner too :)

  5. We love mixing the old with the new - especially when vintage pieces have a story to go along with them! Thanks for sharing.



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