Monday, August 8, 2011

his big plans

When I came downstairs this morning, Benjamin had already been hard at work. He'd been making plans to turn a cardboard box into a Transformer. Big plans.

Here's what I discovered on the kitchen island:

I love this boy. His mind is full of ideas and creativity! 

This working list was on the back of the paper. 
I wonder where he gets his list-making from. (his mother, of course :) )

God is so good. Just when I start to feel like I am not making a difference as a mom, He shows me something like this. He reminds me that I am planting little seeds everyday. I might not see the results for a long time. But, He's promised me that if do my personal best for Him and give these precious little kiddos to Him each day, that He will take what I've sown into them and multiply it for His kingdom! So cool!

I can't help but wonder what God is going to use Benjamin for when he is a man. I wonder what kind of plans and ideas he will dream up! Time will tell...

Getting to partner with God everyday as I raise up my children to be mighty warriors!
Just another way that He has made my life more lovely....

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  1. Yes, you are planting seeds daily! What a gift to your child do something new...and wonder what he'll grow up to be!
    I love lists too, so this kid sounds awesome :)

  2. How awesome!! What a smart little guy!

    I'm walking the same road you are... trying to plant seeds and pray for my kids and hope that someday they'll "get it." I have to give it to the Lord daily!

  3. I love this! He definitely likes structure and to be organized. This kid's gonna go places! And what fun link-ups! I'll have to check them out. :)

  4. What a beautiful post today Lora!
    You are such a very special Mom......and the fact that you *see* with eyes of the future makes you a real treasure.
    I have boxes full of those precious things my 'Littles' made that are (now thirty years old) needing a better home, but I haven't the heart to part with them. But, the better thing, by far is the wonderful adults my 'littles' have become! You will see that also, sooner than you know.
    Bless you for your love to your family.
    {{hugs}} ~C.

  5. Oh, Benjamin...God has gifted you with such imagination and creativity. Papa and I pray every day that you will continue to listen to Jesus and live your life to honor Him.

  6. Gorgeous!
    I love the "I might not see results for a long time..." Such a good reminder!

  7. this made me smile so big. just so sweet.

    i haven't had a free moment to say hi for awhile, but i love reading these nuggets of beauty and truth from you, lora! your family is so lovely!

  8. I LOVE this! I also have those feeling sometimes. Homeschooling, I sometimes think that a "real" teacher would be better for the kids. And then HE reminds me that He is the ultimate teacher and He and I are partners in this together. With God ALL things are possible. And our babies do learn so much from us, in actual fact we could learn a thing or two from them sometimes! ;)



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