Thursday, August 4, 2011

his first cereal

While we were at Clint's parent's place, we gave Robby his first taste of rice cereal. He's been just nursing up till now. I let Diane (Clint's mom) be the first to give it to him. He kept grabbing the spoon while she fed it to him - it was so cute! Here's a little video of it:

Isn't that cute?! I think he likes it! He's had it a few more times since this video and he's getting used to the texture in his mouth now. He's growing up!
In fact, I just realized that he's 9 months old today! Wow. 

Hope everyone has a great day! We're recovering this morning from our long drive home yesterday. We were on the road all day and got home late last night. I am worn out!  And I've got lots of work to do to catch up on the housework and stuff for the shop. It's good to be home though! There really is no place like home! You should have seen Robby when I put him down to bed in his own crib last night. He smiled and sighed a big sigh. It was so cute!

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  1. So sweet! that was nice of you to let Grandma be the first!



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