Tuesday, July 5, 2011

my favorite yard sale find this summer

My friend Susanna and I went to this church yard sale last weekend after our Weight Watchers meeting, and I found the cutest thing! (Actually, Susanna spotted it first and immediately brought it over to me - she knows how much I love 70's decor)

I am loving this super fun, super retro pair of plastic wall hangings. And they are painted the most wonderful shade of chartreuse green. I love them!!

I hung them up in my kitchen over my favorite little vintage rocking chair that used to be Clint's grandmother's. (Clint was actually rocked in this chair when he was a baby! :) )
This just might be my new favorite corner in my house now!

(ps-I got both of them for 50 cents. - don't be jealous! :) )


  1. They are so cool! I've started Weight Watchers too, but it's very slow. Just as we start going we have some more big aftershocks (we have little ones all the time) and that throws us out again!! It's not called comfort food for nothing!! haha. When you fear for your life dieting is the first thing to fall off the priorities believe me.



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