Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I gotta take a minute this morning to brag on my friend Joy. (You can check out her cute blog here.) We actually met through my etsy shop last year. She is such a dear sister in the Lord, and she is so creative, too! I love her style! We met face to face a few months ago (I blogged about it here). Anyway, her birthday was a few days ago, and she's having a big sale in her shop - you can get 35% off your purchase with the coupon code joyfully35

Here's what I bought last week:

the Forget Me Not Posie Pillow!
she made it out of vintage quilt pieces. 
i love it SO much!

After one look at it, Ruth immediately claimed it as her own. 
It was love at first sight!

Another thing I also love about Joy is that she makes the most amazing packages! Whenever I've gotten something from her shop, I am amazed at how beautifully she wraps up her creations. Lots of little crafty goodies all piled on top tied with a pretty ribbon.  This latest purchase did not disappoint. The kids watched me in wonder as I opened it up. There was a red feather in the mix, and Leo shouted out, "Mom, can I put that red feather in my hat?" (He wears this old red cowboy hat often around the house.)

he's so happy!

"stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni!"


Go on over and check out Joy's etsy shop, joyfullness. You won't be disappointed!
(she doesn't know i blogged about her today - I just wanted to bless her & send some love her way!)

Thanks for taking the time to come on over and read my blog on this sunny Tuesday. I know there's lots of other great blogs out there, so I just want you to know that I appreciate you!!

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  1. Lora, we've just met as of a few days..but you are so sincere and I thank you for your comments. You are beautiful... and you make beautiful things with your hands.:)



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