Saturday, June 4, 2011


Hi All,

Just have a quick minute to update y'all on Robby. Thanks so much for your prayers. Last night was a bit better. I fed him and then put him in the carseat. Then, Clint drove him around for about 15 minutes in the van. He finally fell asleep and slept till about 2:30am. Then, I fed him again and he slept with me in the bed till about 5:30am. After that feeding, he stayed up and pretty much cried till about 8:30am. So sad. He didn't fall asleep again till about 10:30am. He slept on my chest for about 1 1/2 hours. So, that's the story... I gotta be honest - it's been kind of a rough trip for me. I'm wiped out physically and emotionally too. The funeral was beautiful though, and my song went well. I actually brought Robby up to the podium with me and held him while I sang. He just wouldn't go to sleep and was fussy when I was not holding him. But, it actually turned out fine and it was pretty darn cute. During the little pauses, he babbled along, almost as if we were singing a duet! I am sure that Grandmama would've LOVED that!

I am realizing more and more that the main thing to this job of being a mommy of five is FLEXIBILITY. I am learning that I just can't let these little things like crying babies, lack of sleep, no naps, kids getting carsick on long rides, etc... get my feathers all ruffled. I need to keep my cool and cast my care upon the Lord. Easier said than done, though! :)

OK, gotta run and get packed. We're leaving to go home pretty soon. Hopefully, our ride home will go smoothly and no one will get sick. I can tell you one thing, I am so excited about being in my own bed tonight! (as I'm sure my kiddos are, too!)

Have a great afternoon!


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  1. Prayed for you and am praying that tonight is better. It is funny, that even as we have more children, God still has so much to teach us about parenting. Flexibility is a tough one!



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