Friday, June 10, 2011

pizza rolls

{this is what i made for lunch yesterday}

I wanted to share a new recipe with y'all! My mom sent me this book in the mail a few days ago. It's got lots of great ideas in it for larger families on a small budget. I thought I'd try out one of the recipes yesterday for lunch.  It was super easy and something a little bit different for the kiddos and I. 

these are all the ingredients I used
(you could change it up to suit your tastes, like by adding fresh vegetables, cream cheese, garlic, etc...)

take the premade pizza dough out of the canister and lay it out on a cookie sheet. then put your sauce and desired toppings. I found these cute little mini pepperonis at the store the other night and just had to try them!

then, roll the whole thing into one big giant tube.

then, cut the tube into 1 inch thick sections and lay them all down flat on the cookie sheet (they kinda resemble those yummy cinammon rolls you can get at the store in the refrigerator section)

bake for 9 minutes at 425 degrees

and oila! delicious PIZZA ROLLS!!

does it get any better than this?!! 
(and to all my weight watchers friends, these really aren't that bad, point-wise. the pizza dough is not as high as you'd think. it's all about portions, though. i had 1.5 rolls.)

and the true success of a new recipe in my house? 
they ate it all up!


Hope everyone's having a great morning so far. Mine is just getting started. Yes, you read that right. My husband let me sleep in till 10:00!!! He's so nice to me. :)


  1. I must stop reading blogs with delicious looking recipes this morning. These pizza rolls look ah-may-zing! I definitely need to try these!

  2. Ok that looks delicious! I could go for some of that for breakfast!

  3. maybe they'd stay together better if they were cooked in a muffin tin? who knows? they look great anyways! good job lora!!

  4. Glad the book has some yummy recipes!



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