Monday, June 13, 2011

my vintage find of the year!

I went to Goodwill on Saturday. It's pretty much my favorite store. Anyway, as I was strolling around the book section (books and videos were "buy one, get one free" so I stocked up for the kiddos), I noticed an amazing vintage loveseat. Very retro. Very 70s. Very "me". And the price was right - only $39.99. But, for some reason, I just passed it by.

Well, last night, I couldn't stop thinking about that darn couch. I think it's because I found a pretty chocolate brown rug at a yard sale later that day for only $7. (The main reason I passed up that couch is because I knew it wouldn't match the floral rug I have in my living room.) I realized that if I got the brown rug the new couch would work!

So, I woke up this morning and decided to go get that rug (I had luckily gotten the woman's email at the yard sale just in case I changed my mind) and get the loveseat too if it was still at Goodwill.

So, Clint took his truck over to Goodwill right when the doors opened today at noon and bought me the best looking loveseat I think I've ever seen. 

I love it so much. It makes me smile.

(And I think that it will motivate me to not pile mountains of laundry on it as well. I purposely put the loveseat in the place of the "laundry couch" for that very reason!)

ain't she a beauty?!
(and doesn't my green velvet pillow look good with it?)

there's my new chocolate brown rug, too
(the kids like it because they can step on the squares)

it fits right in!

This little change was just what I've been needing. I've definitely gotten in a rut with my house lately. I think now I will be more motivated to keep it tidy. And now with this new couch and rug, I wanna make some new pillows! 


And here's one for the road to make you smile. Me and my little man.  Love him!


Bargains at the Goodwill.

Bringing some retro happiness into my living room.

Just another thing that's made my life more lovely today.

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  1. My favorite store too. I love the couch. It looks really good.

  2. What a great find! Love that pattern and your kiddos are adorable!

  3. My favorite store too and that couch is fantastic!

  4. The colors fit perfectly with your walls. It looks wonderful.

  5. Sweet! I like it, but it would be banished from the house before it hit the front door! My husband 1) really does not like green decor, and 2) would run away in fright at the pattern. (We have PLAIN couches, chairs, rugs, carpets, drapes, etc.). But I do like it :)

  6. Love the loveseat and the color combo! Goodwill is my favoritest place too! Great find!

  7. She is lovely! And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with a "laundry couch".



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