Tuesday, June 14, 2011

my new curtains

My dear friend Jenn has some pretty incredible vintage fabric in her shop right now. (By the way, today is her birthday! Happy Birthday, Jenn!) Last week, I bought some amazing kitchen-themed vintage linen. I knew it would look awesome as curtains in the window over my kitchen sink. I got my package from Jenn in the mail yesterday and immediately started making my curtains. In less than an hour, they were done and hanging up in my window. I love them!! What do you think?

Clint put that stained glass angel up. It's not personally my style, but he really loves it. (He said that it reminds him of Grandmama. She loved stained glass.) He tied the angel to the curtain rod with that string with yellow plastic rings on it that you use when you cook a turkey - I know - my husband is quite the resourceful one!  :)

Looking at that angel every day makes me smile because it's a reminder of Grandmama. It also reminds me again what a great guy I married.

doesn't the light look pretty filtered through the vintage linen?

Jenn titled this fabric on her shop "If shelves could speak" - isn't that funny?

And look how the hearts match the heart on my Wilkom sign!

If you want to give Jenn a little birthday present, go check out her shop today and pick something up. I know she'd be so blessed! (plus, 100% of her shop proceeds go toward her son's autism therapy costs.)


Have a great day, everyone!!

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  1. Love the curtains!! They are a perfect fit!!



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