Friday, June 17, 2011

golden girl

I love decorating with golden yellows. Every room downstairs in my home has some shade of yellow incorporated in the decor. Mustards, golds, butters, lemons, etc. etc.  Yellow is just such a happy color. It makes me smile.

Here's some photos of some golden rooms that absolutely make me swoon. Be inspired!


Which one is your favorite?  (Mine is a toss up between #1 and #2)

Have a sunshiney day!


  1. What a happy color :) The second one is my favorite!

  2. oh, i love the second one! i use only white linens on my bed and have been trying to decide on tan or blue for the walls, but maybe yellow! :-) thanks for posting and have a fab weekend!!

  3. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Lovely Lora!

    Yellow is my favorite color (well, tied with purple to be exact). And photo #5 is my favorite.

    Thanks for the burst of sunshine today. Blessings and lovies to you...

    : )


  4. While I like the bathroom, love the rustic look of 3 and 4. My kitchen is mustard, one wall of my foyer is a mustard like color, and two walls of my family room are a shade of yellow. My sewing room, aka spare bedroom, aka the sunroom is a bright and warm butterscotch color - so my husband calls it anyway. Its brighter than that though.

  5. i'm pretty fond of the buttery yellow bedroom (#2) love your picks!



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