Monday, June 20, 2011

the best two dollars i've spent in a LONG time

I got this awesome toy kitchen from a yard sale on Saturday for $2.00! My kids LOVE it!! Even Benjamin and Leo have enjoyed playing with it. It has little sound effects too - when you put the pan on the stove, it makes a sound like something's sizzling, and when you put the pot on the stove, it sounds like water boiling.
So cool!
(Can I just tell you how much I love yard sales?!)

I'm sitting here with my mom on the beach house screened in porch. It's a beautiful, sunny morning. I'm super sleepy, though. I got about 3 hours of sleep! Poor Robby. He didn't sleep so good last night. Please be praying for him to get the hang of sleeping here in a new place.

I'm looking forward to a relaxing week with my family! It's gonna be great.


  1. That was a score find my friend!

  2. I'm sooo envious of you, at the beach! We are planning a beach trip to Topsail Island NC in August, and we can't wait! However, finances and the price of gas are threatening our trip (we are driving from Canada). We pray it all works out!

  3. Garage sales are the best! I have a similar play kitchen for Ada and she loves it best of all her toys!

  4. I love it! Some of my best treasures have been yard sale finds.
    Enjoy your stay at the beach :)

  5. they sure look like happy campers; nice find!

  6. The best $2 I've spent recently did not come from a yard sale, but Barnes and Noble. They have a $2 table and last time I was there I found a $40 Lego set. I asked why it was marked down to $2 and they said it was a return and they did not have a place for it in the store. Asher and I spent hours building it! I love things like that! I think God blesses us in little ways because we sacrifice to stay home with our kiddos!



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