Friday, May 6, 2011

princess party

Ruth's 4th birthday is next week, but since my parents were visiting this week, we decided to throw her a little princess party. We asked my friend Susanna to come over with her three littlest ones, and we had a sweet time celebrating Ruth.

My mom really enjoyed shopping for all the princess party decorations and little party favors for the children. Here's some photos of the party:

the birthday girl in her new dress from Susanna and her kiddos

here's Ruth and Adia eating their lunch on princess plates

sweet Brighten

Joseph loved that party hat - he wore it all day!

Clint was able to come home on his lunch break to give the birthday girl a kiss

she's so happy

looking at her new Strawberry Shortcake DVD from Grandma and Papa

wearing the necklaces that were in her party favor bag

i love this photo of us - she's getting so big!

the cake my Dad ordered for Ruth 
(he and Benjamin and Leo picked out all the colors and the design)

eating her cake while watching the new Strawberry Shortcake movie

isn't this shot pretty? I love how her hair looks and the back of her dress

Grandma getting kisses from Ruth

my mom looking so pretty

And here is my absolute favorite picture of Ruth :

isn't she just beautiful?!!


Hope everyone has a wonderful day!



  1. Diane9:57 AM

    Sweet, sweet pictures ! ! So glad Ruth could enjoy her birthday with Carolyn and John!! Love, Diane

  2. What a huge blessing to be part of all this! Thank you for letting us celebrate Ruth's birthday early. We will treasure that! We love you all so much. Your family is truly a gift from the Lord.



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