Monday, May 16, 2011

i can fix that

I am so glad that I know how to sew. 
Yesterday, I went to the mall for a little date with me, myself, and I. My sweet husband watched the kiddos so I could have some time alone. First, I went to the JCPenney hair salon and had my hair trimmed. Can I just say how much I loved getting my hair washed? Heaven! And my hair feels so much better now. Much healthier. No more split ends. (It had been over six months since I'd had it cut!)

doesn't my hair look happier? the curls are so much bouncier :)

Before I left the store to go home, I decided to quickly look through the sale racks. I found the cutest little shirt, but it had a giant rip in the front of it. (It was about 3 or 4 inches long right down the front along the seam where the buttons were). But, I said to myself, "I can fix that." I knew it would be easy to sew closed. So, I took it up to the counter and bargained the price down even more since it was ripped. And I walked away with a super cute shirt for $4.50! Yay!!

I'll say it again, I am so glad that I know how to sew!

all fixed!
(like my new necklaces, too? i made them. :))

i love this little shirt! so light and airy. and roomy, just how i like it. 

(as i am looking at the this photo, i'm realizing that i still kinda look pregnant.  i think this is gonna have to be my "before"  photo for weight watchers. oh well, at least my hair looks pretty! :) )

It really made me feel good to fix that shirt. I guess I just felt resourceful. And I "rescued" a shirt that would probably have been thrown out or something. 


Shopping by myself.
Fixing a torn shirt.

Feeling resourceful.

Little things that made my day more lovely. :)

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Have a great day!!


  1. hair wash = treat! :) ~d.

  2. what a great day. rejuvenating I am sure. :) Darling hair and shirt!

  3. Oh I soooo love having my hair washed. I'm glad you got some time to refresh. All mamas need that! Love the jewelry.

  4. Your hair looks so pretty! I can't even tell where the shirt was ripped, great job!

  5. lora, i think you look lovely!!

  6. That is my favorite part when i get my hair cut. Love the blouse!

  7. You go girl! Your hair looks great! Shirt does too.



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