Saturday, May 28, 2011

a day in the life of a mom of five

I had some good cuddle time with Robert yesterday. He is just so sweet. He's teething right now, so he's been a little bit fussy. And he's been chewing on his hand nonstop. He's been wanting to snuggle a little bit more, which is always so wonderful.  I took a few photos of the two of us. Thought I'd share...

this is what he usually looks like these days
(hand in the mouth)
i love it when my babies suck their thumbs. its so cute!

And here's a little video of Robby to make you smile:

And, just in case you think my life is picture perfect (which it absolutely is not), I thought I'd show you a little moment yesterday which pretty much sums up my life with five kiddos. (It includes superhero costumes, jumping on couches, strawberry shortcake movies, messy living rooms, mountains of laudry to fold, and teething babies)

(i'll miss these crazy days, i'm sure!)

Hope you are having a great weekend so far!


  1. The sucking thumb picture is soooo sweet.

  2. What a little sweetie!! It looks like your house is action central ;-)

    Also, wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger award. You can check out my post here:

    to see what it's all about!



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