Saturday, April 9, 2011

what a joy-full day!

I had such a great day! Today I met my first blogging friend! I met Joy through etsy a year or two ago. She bought some vintage fabric from my shop. Since then, we've become friends and followed eachother's blogs and etsy shops. She is such an amazing woman! So joyful (just like her name!) and full of life and encouragement. I have been so blessed by her! And I was so happy to finally meet her face to face!

I made Joy a special necklace for her son's teacher (who helps him with his therapy for autism), incorporating a puzzle piece stamp on the necklace (which is the symbol for autism awareness). Joy asked me if I'd like to make some more necklaces to sell at this event called Strides for Autism that she was a vendor at. I was so happy to discover that the event was less than two hours from my house - so I decided to take Robby and make a little day trip out of it! I left at 6:30 this morning and drove down to meet Joy. We had a wonderful time together!

so happy to finally meet my sweet friend, face to face!

Robby laying down on a quilt that Joy made with the vintage fabrics
that she got from my shop that very first time two years ago!
my little table with the necklaces I made for the event
(I just put some vintage plates and a vintage cake stand on the table for a quick and pretty display)

Robby finally fell asleep in the Baby Bjorn - he was so tired!
(he's wearing Joy's husband's hat - isn't that cute?)

Joy and her husband - aren't they so precious together? (he was so sweet - I loved hearing him brag about her to me. He loves her so much!) And look at that beautiful pregnant belly! She's due the end of May with her third child.

Joy made these adorable flower pins (she's wearing one in the previous photo). They are made with fabrics in the puzzle piece shape. So cute! I'm still wearing the one she gave me. It is so bright and colorful and happy.


She's going to be offering those flower pins in her etsy shop soon. Go check out her shop, by the way! I love her creations!! Everything she makes is so colorful, whimsical, and happy. Just like her!

All in all, it was a fantastic day! Truly a joy-full day!!


  1. My son has Asperger's which is an autism spectrum disorder. I love what she's doing to spread the word. So glad you two finally got to meet face to face. : )

  2. LORA!!! I have tears welling in my eyes!!! I just want to squeeze you again!! I just finished my post on my blog!! YOU are too kind! I LOVED spending this morning with you!! Robby is so precious...what a delight! Thankyou for your endless encouragement!! I am so pleased that you could share your work with many today! sigh!
    With Adoration!!

  3. NatalieY.12:13 AM

    What a fun day, Lora! So happy you got to go!

  4. How fun! I've always wanted to meet my bloggy friends in real life ;) I love the table set up you had!

  5. What a wonderful day y'all had; sounds like it was blessing filled!



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