Tuesday, April 26, 2011

this post will make you laugh

We attempted to take some family photos on Easter. Here's what we got:

(warning- you are going to laugh. :) )

And here's my personal favorite:
at first glance, it looks ok. that is, until you see joseph

Oh well!!
I guess that's life with a big family!


  1. Those are so funny and adorable! Sorry that I missed you this weekend! We went to Albany for the weekend for a wedding and with the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, and squeezing in seeing everyone, it was a busy crazy whirlwind. Hopefully, we can catch up this week some time. Love you!

  2. My Mom wanted a nice picture for a new frame she bought. She didn't get it at all when I laughed out loud! We had been at a state park the weekend before taking pictures all day, and not one " nice" picture in the bunch!!!
    Of course they are good enough for me! ;0)

  3. hahahha!! love it!! it did make me laugh!! :)

  4. They are adorable pictures, and yes they did make me laught. What a beautiful family.

  5. The last picture is a classic! Will you save it to give to a grown-up Joseph? :-) We love you all.
    Grandma Carolyn

  6. too funny.......... it is hard enough to get everyone looking at the camera and eyes open when you've got a whole crew. they are still good memories just the same. If yall lived closer, I'd say, come to our studio and we'll get a "good" shot! Or at least try!!

  7. this is fantastic! i did laugh, thanks for the warning.

    just wanted to let you know that i am sharing one of your necklaces on my blog as one of my fav's for mothers day gift ideas.


  8. Adorable, happy photos! Love it!

  9. hahah too funny! i have hard enough finding pictures where me or my hubs isn't messing it up, so i can't imagine making it work with so many faces!



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