Saturday, April 30, 2011

saturday news

Today's been a super busy day, so I haven't had time until now to write a blog post. So, this one's gonna be short and sweet.

Here's two precious photos of Benjamin and Robert that I took last week. It was Benjamin's idea. He wanted a picture of him holding his baby brother. So dear...

I've been really busy the past few days making special order necklaces for Mother's Day and Graduation... Here's a few of my favorites that I made this week:

such a cute little Graduation necklace, isn't it? (my customers are so creative!)

And these next two are Mama's Necklaces with swarovski birthstone crystals:

I love these so much that I decide to start offering them up in the shop.

Here's the link to the listing if you're interested.
(There's still time to order for Mother's Day!)

Have a great weekend!

I am looking forward to my usual Saturday "me-time". Clint's gonna watch the kids this afternoon so I can have some much needed time alone!


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