Thursday, April 7, 2011

five months old

Robert (aka Robby) turned 5 months old on Monday. Time has flown by! He is such a sweet natured baby. Always smiling! And he sleeps like a champ. I am very blessed with this little guy.

I did a little "photo shoot" with him yesterday afternoon. Here's some of my favorite shots:

Hope these made you smile! Nothing like baby pictures to brighten one's day!! :)

oh, how i love him!


  1. he is growing so fast!!!

  2. Diane4:18 PM

    I cannot believe how much he is changing ! ! Oh how I wish I could give him a squeeze just this minute....hug him for grandmama, please. Love, Diane

  3. I agree with Grandmama Diane. He is so beautiful. So hard to be so far away.
    Grandma Carolyn

  4. He's just amazing. How gorgeous!! How is it possible he's that old already??

    I got the "Japan" necklace, it's lovely!!

  5. ...darling boy...



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