Tuesday, April 5, 2011


A couple of weeks of ago, a sweet lady contacted me about making her a special custom necklace. She wanted me to stamp the word "EUCHARISTEO" as well as the bible reference: I THES 5:16-18.  She said that the necklace was inspired by the book "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp.  I had just started reading that book as well so I was excited to make the necklace for her!

eucharisteo - a beautiful sounding word, isn't it?

and even more beautiful is the meaning:  "thanksgiving"

 (and rooted in that greek word are also the words "joy" and "grace")


Ann writes in the book:

"Deep chara joy is found only at the table of euCHARisteo - the table of thanksgiving. I sit there long...wondering....is it that simple?

Is the height of my chara joy dependent on the depths of my eucharisteo thanks?....

As long as thanks is possible...then joy is always possible."


Isn't that beautiful? What a revelation.

Thankfulness = Joy

Is it really that simple?

I am going to find out! I am asking the Lord to help me be truly thankful each day. To count my blessings, and name them one by one.

And I'll wait and see if the joy comes.. I have a feeling it will.

(sterling discs w/ peridot swarovski)

"Be joyful always;
pray continually;
 give thanks in all circumstances,
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

I Thessalonians 5:16-18

And wanna hear something really neat?

After I made this necklace, I tweeted about it with a picture:

"just made this custom necklace inspired by the book #onethousandgifts by @AnnVoskamp #loveitsomuch"

And guess what?! I got a direct message back from Ann Voskamp herself! Here's what she wrote to me:

"Your necklace! Just *beautiful*! We all cheered here! Eucharisteo, my friend... All's grace, Ann"

I was so surprised and delighted to hear from Ann! It really blessed me.


Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

And in the words of Ann,

"Eucharisteo, my friend"


  1. Lora - I've been working through Ann's book too, and posting the accompanying videos she made with the Dayspring Bloom book club on my blog. (I took a break after chapter 7 b/c it ended up being all I had time to post. LOL) But if you'd like to take a look, the videos were invaluable to me. LOVE LOVE the book. Her blog is amazing also.

    On a side note, how sweet is it that I clicked on your blog from my google reader to comment, and the "you might also enjoy" pictures included one of my sister, smiling super sweetly. I sure do "enjoy!" :-)

    and I love the necklace too:) So glad Ann wrote to you! She seems completely delightful! Blessings to you and yours:)

  2. Hi Lora,
    It's Lora.
    Nice to "meet" you. ;)
    Your babies are adorable. I love the necklace and even more so, the story behind it.
    I absolutely can not believe how many people I have I know, who know nothing about me knowing too, who have the book and/or are already in love with Ann's site. So cool the way she brings us all together, in Him.
    I'll have to read you more thoroughly when I have some time. I'm off to homeschool now.
    Thanks for stopping in at abundant life.
    Abundant Blessings to you! ;)
    Another Lora

  3. You are so encouraging. Thank you!

  4. Can I buy one of these??!! beautiful!

    Relentlesslly Pursuing Eucharisteo,




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