Monday, April 25, 2011

benjamin's big day

Today was a very special day for our family. Benjamin gave his heart to Jesus!!

It happened at church during his Sunday School. His teacher was beaming when I went to pick him up. She told me that he raised his hand when she asked the children if any of them wanted to give their heart to Jesus. They talked about it together, and then he prayed with her. At the end of the class, he was given a little bible and a certificate. He was so excited!

And, he read that little bible all afternoon when we got home - for about three hours! I'm not kidding. It was so precious! You could just see his little spirit come alive!! What a wonderful gift for this mommy.

I've been praying for him over the last several months. He's been asking questions and thinking about salvation, but told me he wasn't ready yet to make a decision. I didn't pressure him. I just waited for God to move in his little heart. I knew that Benjamin would do it when he was ready. And I knew that when it happened, it would truly be his decision.

God is so good! He reminded me through all of this that He is always working in the hearts of our children. As mothers, I know we often feel like we aren't making a difference (at least I do). But, we are planting seeds everyday as we live out our lives for God before our little ones. They are always watching. And one day, when they are ready, they will give their hearts to Him! I am so blessed.


What happened yesterday is truly one of the many ways that God has made my life more lovely.  I am linking this post up to Heather's "life made lovely" blog here.

Have a wonderful day!!



  1. i can't wait to hug that boy!

  2. welcome to the kingdom!!

  3. Oh Lora, my heart is rejoicing along with yours! Praise the Lord for the work he has done in Benjamin's life!!! May he walk with Jesus ALL of his days.

  4. Diane4:17 PM

    Praise God...what a blessing ! ! ! I remember Clint sending you a picture of Benjamin worshipping when they were at church not too long ago and you were at home and Clint's title was: "Why it's worth it". More confirmation of "why it's worth it". Love, Diane

  5. What a huge day for him and for you! Praise God!

  6. So happy that Benjamin has given his heart to Jesus. This is the answers to a grandma's prayers. What blessing awaits him as he walks with the Savior!
    Grandma Carolyn

  7. Sweet, sweet post! Encourages me as a mom. Thanks.

  8. oh, how wonderful for him and for mama! what a beautiful day. may he always remember this day and the joy it brings!

  9. this is awesome! what a joy! praise the Lord!!

  10. Wow! How exciting for you as a mom to see your son take that incredible step! I am so happy for you and Benjamin. What an incredible Easter!!



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