Saturday, March 26, 2011

thoughts on being a princess

Ruth walked up to me in the kitchen last night, all dressed up like a princess.
 Her dress was too tight and couldn't fasten up in the back.
Her "crown" was a rubber visor from the dollar store.

But that didn't matter to her.
She knew she looked like a million bucks. 
She knew she was a princess.

There's a line from a worship song from Alberto and Kimberly Rivera that I've been thinking about ever since I took these photos. It goes something like this...

"When was the day that you stopped believing that you were a princess?" 

Powerful question.  

God is asking us, no let's be more specific, God is asking me that question today.

Lora, when was the day that you stopped believing that you were a princess?

Man, tough question... I'm holding back the tears as I write this!

But, I really feel the need to vulnerable and transparent with y'all.

I'm sure that some of you out there struggle with this same issue. 

I'll be 36 in a few weeks, and for some reason, this birthday has been a tougher pill to swallow than birthdays before. 
I guess it's because I am now closer to 40 than I am to 30.
 I am getting older.
 I am now the "older" mom at the birthday parties and baby showers.
I've got more white hairs on my head than I can count.
(I know I am fighting a losing battle when I attempt to pluck them out.) 
As I type this, I am wearing size 18 maternity pants.

And even still, I AM A PRINCESS.

I am a daughter of the King.
the Most High God.
the Creator of the entire Universe.

It's mind blowing.

But, as I look at these photos of my beautiful daughter, I see the innocence in her eyes.
I see the confidence, the unashamed self-love in her countenance.
And I am jealous.
I want that.

Oh God, would you restore to me that knowledge deep inside that I am altogether lovely!
that there is no flaw in me!
that you love me just as I am!

{altogether lovely}
a daughter of the King

I just want to encourage all of you beautiful ladies out there that are reading this with these words:

The enemy wants us to doubt our beauty in the Lord, to doubt our incredible uniqueness.
When we have no confidence in who we are,
 and Whose we are, we are no good to the kingdom of God.

The enemy has us right where he wants us.

 when we rise up,
 taking our rightful place as daughters of the king,
there are no limits to what we can accomplish in this life!

Help us, Lord, to see ourselves as YOU see us, when we look into the mirror.
Help us to value ourselves.
to love ourselves.
So, that we can truly love others!


  1. Thank you. That was beautiful!

  2. I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I've been reading it for a bit now and never commented. This post brought me to tears this morning. So touching and sweet and so very relatable! It was a very powerful reminder that even through my own guilts, self doubts and insecurities that like you said, 'the creator of the entire universe' still loves me just as I am. Thank you so much for this today! God bless

  3. thankyou. I needed that too. ;) thanks for being a good blog friend:)

    ps. you are a princess, inside and out <3

  4. great written, It's so true! Have a great day!

  5. she is precious~thanks for this post!

  6. Several years ago I broke down and begged Him to show me who I am in Him. I was so sick and tired of looking for my value anywhere else. It always came up short. And He showed up in a mighty way for me. I now choose to meditate daily on His truth. I have to! I have to stay in His word to stay in His truth of who I am.

    You are a daughter of the Most High God, the all mighty, all powerful all sufficient Lord of Lords. He is the healer, the comforter, the counselor & the Friend.

    Children look like their parents, they resemble them, they act like them. He is the all in all. And He's your daddy!

  7. She is precious. I love your words <3

  8. wow! exactly what i needed to hear today! i was just sitting here with my daughter thinking how i will probably never accomplish any of the big things in my life that i was hoping to, as most of my days now are filled with breastfeeding, changing diapers, and cooking meals. thanks for the reminder that just like my sweet baby girl that I adore so much, I too, am a daughter loved by her Heavenly Father that thinks I'm pretty special, too! Love your blog, Miss Lora!! :) Have a blessed day ahead!

  9. She is beautiful.
    fyi- I checked out your giveaway on All things vintage. I read it on Google Reader, but when I went to her blog it wasn't listed.

  10. Lora - just had to tell you that you're spot-on. I'm sitting here with tears running down my face (after reading this post...), looking into the adorable eyes of my 10-wk-old, and thinking: it's hard to feel like a princess when you've had children (and are still running around after them), and you're still wearing maternity pants, and life is chaotic, and there are no maids (wouldn't that be nice?!). Yet there is a God who calls us his children and for better or worse, he won't leave us or turn his back on us. Amazing, this love.

  11. Miss Princess is too cute!!!!!!!

  12. beautiful post! thanks!



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