Saturday, March 5, 2011

he's almost got it!

Well, my baby is almost rolling over! All he's got to figure out is what to do with his one arm. (see video clip below).  I was putting the kids to bed the other night, and laid Robby down on the floor in Joseph and Ruth's room while I was helping the kids brush their teeth across the hall. When I came back to the room, this is what I found!

wow! when did he learn how to roll over?!

checkin' out his surroundings...

so sweet...

i had to rotate this photo because he just looks so darn cute!

robby in action! (there's no sound on this video clip, but if there was, you'd hear the kids and I cheering him on! he's trying so hard to get that other arm in position!)


  1. bumped into your blog and what a sweet place to visit
    Your baby is so stinkin cute - what a precious gift - I'll be back to visit..
    God bless your day!

  2. he is getting so big!!! angel.

  3. Oh how sweet....such a big boy! ! I love him so. Diane



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