Friday, March 18, 2011

getting the hang of it...

well, i practiced with my new lowercase stamp set a little bit yesterday. i worked off and on while the kiddos were quietly playing next to me at the dining room table (aka "my studio"). joseph and ruth like to watch me work -it's pretty cute. well, most of the time, it's cute. it's not that cute when i have to say for the 100th time - "no touch".  they just love those little beads! :) ) so sparkly!

it's getting easier now to stamp in a straight line. these lowercase stamps are pretty tiny, and working with lowercase is quite an adjustment, when i have only been working with uppercase since i started making this kind of jewelry. but, i am really enjoying these stamps and love the different look they create!

here's some of what i made yesterday:

(neh. 8:10)
james 1:4
"bloom where you are planted"
jeremiah 31:13

I also worked on a few custom pieces, too. It was a very productive day yesterday! Today, I have to take Robby to the doctor for his 4 month checkup. I'm curious to see how much this big boy weighs now!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!!



  1. awwwww! Hes achunk like one of mine was! What a cutie pie! Four months, hard to believe:)
    love the joy, complete and dance. You are getting the hang of it. Beautiful work. Keep it up friend!
    christina <3

  2. they're all so beautiful! and I love your kiddos :) any time I'm sewing, my kiddo wants to sit on my lap and help move the fabric along... I let her for a couple seconds in fear that the needle will somehow jump off and fly at us ;)
    great job with those new necklaces!

  3. Is that dance necklace on sale?

  4. NatalieY.10:09 PM

    I LOVE all your new creations!!... (ESPECIALLY THE "dance" ONE!!!!!!! :-) Miss you!



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