Friday, March 4, 2011

five things i love friday

Hi guys! For today's five things I love friday edition, I am focusing on the things closest to home, in my home...

1. my new dinner plates!

i have been looking for some vintage plates for awhile now, and I found four of these beauties a couple of weeks ago. i'm in love...
2. my cute husband

i'm especially smitten this morning, because he's watching the kiddos this afternoon so I can have some much needed time alone. i'm going thrift shopping! yay...
(i took this pic a little while ago while he was snoozing in the recliner)

3. pretty tulips in my new mustard gold vintage vase

i found this awesome vase last month at Goodwill. love it!
4. this great book

my friend Jenn recommended it, and I ordered it from amazon for just a couple of bucks. it is really funny, and more importantly, so freeing for mommies to read!
here's a little quote from the first chapter:

"Can we just let the posturing go? Can we speak the truth to eachother and reach out for help when we need it? Can we admit our failures and stop worrying about what someone might think? Can we allow others to be the same people on the outside as they are on the inside? Can we live real lives in front of eachother, imperfect in our humanity but reclaimed through Jesus? I will if you will. If you and I do, others can. If we all do, everyone might."

5. my baby boy (who turns 4 months old today!)

Robby is getting so big! He is learning and growing and changing so much everyday, and it is so fun to watch! I am so thankful for him.


Hope everyone has a fantastic day! I am super excited about my date with myself later this afternoon. Can't wait, actually... :)

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