Thursday, March 10, 2011

creativity in the midst of sickness

Some of the kiddos have been battling a nasty virus with a hacking cough, congestion, and achiness, with a little fever on the side. It's been a long week.

me and Joseph the other day. looking at his sweet sick face here makes me wanna cry!

Despite all of this yuckiness, I have been feeling very creative during my time alone. I've managed to make some of my favorite necklaces so far! It's been really exciting.  Here are a few that I just put up on the shop:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."  Matthew 7:7

"Beloved I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys."
Song of Solomon 2:1


Please pray for us all to feel better very soon. Benjamin's almost done with it. Joseph is in the middle of it. Ruth just started it. Leo and Robby are untouched - praise God. And me and Clint are hanging in there.

And don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY for the my JOY Hand Stamped Sterling Silver Necklace over at lovelybym blog

Have a great day!


  1. What pretty new necklaces! I wanted to tell you I was thinking about you 1st thing this morning. I opened my "Power of a Praying Wife" at 6 am, after years of it collecting dust on the shelf. I had read it our first year of marriage, but I thought I'd pick it up again. In the cover was a sweet note from you. I had forgotten that was my Christmas gift years ago in our little house. Said a prayer for you and Clint. :)

  2. love the ask seek knock one.....pretty awesome!!

  3. Such a sweet note from Jen, how crazy that I am reading through 'Power of a Praying Wife' right now and have a friend coming over in a few minutes to pray through some of them.

    Lora, you are such an inspiration to so many! Thank you for your awesome witness. Just ordered the Ask. Seek. Knock. necklace. I'm sooo excited :) It spoke right to my heart!

  4. Oh Lora, so sorry to hear about the germiness! My sweet Asa (8 wks) is just getting over a very tenacious tummy bug, so I totally understand. Praying for a speedy recovery for ALL of the family! I just saw your Beloved necklace yesterday - it's beautiful!!! Do you make several copies or just one of each?

  5. Hope everyone is feeling back to normal soon. Your little guy is so darling -- trying to be brave. and... your family necklace is awesome.

  6. I saw that family necklace the other day -- it's gorgeous! THe other two are beautiful as well!

    Hope you all get well soon!

  7. I'm so sorry the babies have been sick but glad you're getting some studio time to make lovely things.

  8. I said a prayer for you and your family. I hope everyone will be well soon. Your necklaces are lovely. Blessings.

  9. I love the rose on the "Beloved"

  10. NatalieY.9:34 PM

    Beautiful, New Necklaces!!! Love them! Praying for you all... Sickness can be HARD with a lot of young kiddos... Miss seeing you!

  11. I have a new computer and can finally comment on your blog! I'm so glad caused I've missed being able to (I have no idea why my other computer didn't like your blog). Love and hugs deb xxx

  12. My girls have had a similar illness the Dr. said was the flu.

    Lovely necklaces, esp. like the family one!

    Get well soon!



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