Thursday, March 3, 2011

by the forsythia bush

Every year, at the first signs of spring, our bright yellow forsythia bushes in our yard start to bloom. They are just gorgeous. We actually transplanted them from our old yard in Atlanta when we moved almost four and a half years ago. So, I always really enjoy looking at them each year. They remind me of our old house, the one we lived in as newlyweds.

The one bad thing about these forsythias is that don't last long. Only a week or maybe two, and then the bright yellow blooms are gone. 

Clint and I started a little tradition when Benjamin was born. We take a photo of each baby by the forsythia bush every spring. It's just something fun we do. So, when I noticed the bright yellow blooms the other day, I knew I needed to act quickly and get Robby outside by that bush! Here's some of the photos I took of him yesterday. I like how his yellow Bumbo seat matches the bush. :)

(i like this one a lot. you can see that robby has recently discovered his hands!)

Just for fun, I went back to my photos from last year to find the pictures we took of Joseph by the bush.  He has grown SO much since last year!

The coolest part of all is that I discovered that I took these photos on the EXACT SAME DAY, one year apart! And no, I did not plan that! How cool is that?!

Hope you have a great day!!



  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely bush and your adorable son with us. I long for the day when my forsythia blooms -- I'll have to wait since I live in PA.

  2. All of your children are so beautiful! I love seeing you in each of them. :) and Robby! He is soooo adorable!

  3. Oh, he's so precious! What a beautiful tradition! I have taken pictures of my boys in the outfits passed down from my oldest. Sweet memories.

  4. Diane8:38 AM

    Love these ! ! ! Some grandmama captions: #1 "I think I'll smile just for Mom. #2 & #3 "Time to get serious." #4 "Finished posing..time to play". Sweet little I love these little guys ! !



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