Monday, March 28, 2011

buzz cuts for spring

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One of my favorite times each year is when Clint takes the boys up one by one into our master bathroom to give them new buzz cuts for spring. It is like a rite of passage for them. And it always gets me excited because I know that warmer weather is HERE!! Just another little sign of spring in our house. :)

(i just had to get a shot of the piles of freshly cut hair on the floor. it's interesting to me how the boys' hair tends to darken as they get older. can you guess which pile of hair belongs to which boy?)

little robert didn't need a buzz :)

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Have a lovely Monday!!



  1. I've always loved buzz cuts on little boys. They are the cutest.

  2. My husband shaves his head and our middle son's since he likes it that way. My husband is convinced that he sleeps better with a fresh, shaved head. Hmmm...
    Your guys and their fresh, shaved heads are adorable.



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