Wednesday, February 9, 2011

wordless wednesday - hanging out on the laundry pile


  1. NatalieY.12:16 AM

    Oh my goodness!!! SO CUTE!!!!!

  2. Its so funny to see this photo - my 3rd child is now 1 month old and my twin is in town helping out for a week. She brought 3 of her 7 children, so our house size has just about doubled. As I type I'm looking at the piles of laundry we've been doing. You know how frustrating it is to do laundry with toddlers in the house - they are always "helping". I've got mine in the high chair with cheerios to occupy them while I write this and feed the baby. I don't love laundry, but I do love my little ones!!!! Thanks for the sweet photo - love to see your beautiful family. God bless!



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