Sunday, February 13, 2011

winter ball

Clint and I had a wonderful time last night at the Winter Ball. It was so fun to get all dressed up!

Clint was gone most of the day for meetings, so I wasn't able to leave to go dress shopping till after 3pm. I prayed on the way to the mall that God would help me find a dress quickly.  I found a pretty dress (that was 40% off!) in less than an hour! I came home and took my time getting ready. It felt like the days before children when I would do my hair and makeup completely alone in front of my bathroom mirror. (Nowadays, I usually skip the makeup and let my hair air dry. Or if I want to wear makeup, I put a little bit on downstairs in the powder room while my children are running in and out of the bathroom!) So, it was nice to have that time alone to "primp"!

My dress had little sparkly beads on the empire waist line.
(Ruth really liked that part. :))
Our church really did a great job with this formal dinner and dance. They had ministry students doing valet parking and a coat check. We felt so important! Everything was decorated so nice, too. And they even had a professional photographer there to take our photo! (Just like prom! haha...)

doesn't clint look handsome in his tux? and see that little rhinestone hair pin I have in my hair? I wore that to my rehearsal dinner the night before we got married! I've saved it through the years and wear it on special occasions.
they had twinkle lights up all around as well. it was so romantic!

After dinner, I drove home to quickly to feed the baby and put him to bed. (the church is right around the corner). When I came back to the church, everyone was already on the dance floor! The DJ was playing all kinds of music and we had lots of chances to dance together. Clint is such a good dancer! I've always loved dancing with him.

Our favorite babysitter, Emily, was able to come over last minute, too. I love that girl! She handled all five kiddos with such ease. And when we came home, I discovered that she had totally cleaned and organized all of the kids' toys in the living room. (which, I might add, is no easy task!)

All in all, it was a fantastic evening!


  1. what a special night! looks and sounds like a great time for a well deserved couple! :)

  2. You look beautiful! Sounds like a lovely night.

  3. you look so beautiful! I am so happy you got a special night out with Clint, he is one Blessed man!!


  4. Corina5:56 PM

    Wow, you two look great! and it sounds like you had a wonderful night at the ball =) i'm so exited that we gonna meet y'all so soon!!! =)



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