Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentine's day recap

Here's the highlights of my Valentine's Day:

Leo's card to Clint and I - I love it so much.:)

I think that's a picture of Lester that he drew on the inside.

the envelope that the card came in - isn't it adorable how he wrote his name in the top left corner?!

the beautiful red rose plant that clint gave me first thing in the morning
i need to decide now where I want him to plant it!

so pretty!


Clint surprised me and got the night off! I thought he had to work, so I was all prepared for an evening alone. He came home around 6:30 with grocery bags in hand, all ready to cook me a gourmet dinner for two. He set the kids up on the living room floor for a picnic by themselves. And he and I started our five course meal in the kitchen. It was so sweet!

the boys shared some of their valentine candy
they got at school with Ruth and Joseph
(in our wedding toast crystal glasses, i might add)

steak, potatoes, spinach with mushrooms, sweet potato and peach casserole, broccoli

candlelight :)


It was a fun night! Clint gave me the sweetest card and a giftcard to the movie theatre. (he knows how much I love to go see movies!)

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day, too!



  1. How sweet of your hubby and darling boy! What a wonderful day! Sounds like you felt especially loved, as you should!!!

  2. How precious! Happy Valentine's Day!



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