Friday, February 25, 2011

figure study in charcoal

First off, I apologize for the tiny photos today! These photos were taken by my friend Kaitlin's iphone camera, and when I tried to upload them off of my email, they wouldn't get any bigger than this. Sorry!

I had a busy morning! Clint let me sleep in today, so I didn't get up till 8:45am. Then, I had to run to the post office to mail a package to Japan, and then I had a dentist appointment at 9:20. (Good news - no cavities!)

When I got home, my friend Kaitlin, who is in art school, asked me if she could draw me nursing Robby for a figure study in charcoal she had to do for a class assignment. I was more than happy to "model" for her! I am all for promoting breastfeeding! :)

Here's a cute photo of Robby that she snapped with her phone just a little bit ago - isn't he beautiful?!!

We had a great time together chatting while she sketched. And the children really enjoyed watching her create! Here's the drawing - I really love how it turned out. She mentioned that she thinks it epitomizes motherhood. :)

Just wanted to share! I know that lots of you moms out there that read my blog are fellow-nursers, and I thought you would appreciate it!


  1. that is really sweet! Yeah, breastfeeding!

  2. Lucky you, having a friend with such a cool skill! Drawing is a talent that I do NOT have. I'd love to have my youngsters sketched! (My youngest is just now 7 weeks old).



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