Monday, February 7, 2011

monday ramblings

Not much to tell you this morning. So, I'll just ramble...


Robby started sucking his fingers. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

I made some toast with butter and strawberry preserves for breakfast. It looked so yummy I had to take a picture of it. :)

don't you love that little plate, too? so seventies...

hmmm. what else?...

Clint fixed our upstairs toilet yesterday, after several days of working on it. The guilty culprit? A green Snoopy toothbrush.  Who would've thought such a little thing could cause such a gigantic mess...


It's 9:18am and Ruth has already changed her outfit like four times. And had three temper tantrums. Wow....


I forgot to turn on the heat last night before I went to bed, so this morning I woke up to a freezing cold house. The thermostat was at 60. Benjamin was downstairs waiting for me wearing his coat.


I sold two necklaces in the middle of the night. I love it when that happens.


My parents are coming up for a visit! My mom's birthday is tomorrow. I am making a nice birthday dinner for her (and cupcakes, too). So, I'm going to be cleaning a lot over the next two days so the house will look somewhat presentable when they arrive tomorrow night. 


Hope your day is good, my friends out there in blog-land. 

I appreciate you!



  1. Please don't work too hard. We love you.

  2. love the rambles!! love u too!!

  3. Great breakfast choice. Anna & I had the same thing and she threw about three temper tantrums while she was eating it. Love our parallels for the day!

  4. NatalieY.8:05 PM

    LOVE the rambles... :-) I want to SEE you sometime!! Now I am really, really, really missing you... since it has been so long!

  5. i really love when you ramble! :)



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