Thursday, February 24, 2011


I captured a sweet moment the other day. Leo was reading on the couch (his favorite thing to do!), and Joseph climbed up next to him and started "reading", too. It was so precious!

Joseph kept saying,

"I'm reading! I'm reading, Mama!"

Joseph was so proud of himself. :)

I love how Leo's ankles are crossed. He usually sits this way when he is reading.

In our lives, there are moments like these all the time.

We just have to be looking for them.

If I had been "too busy" with other stuff, I would have missed this one! 

Help me, God, to always interact with my children and never push them aside or ignore them so that I can spend time doing other things that have no eternal value.


  1. Joseph will be REALLY reading before we know it. Such precious pictures.

  2. Diane7:37 PM

    Precious pictures ! ! They grow up so, so fast. Cherish each day and moments like these.

  3. i can't believe how big Joseph is now. Seems like just yesturday he was barely even walking!



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