Thursday, February 10, 2011

fun with grandma

My parents have been here visiting for a couple of days. It's been wonderful! Here's a few pictures of Grandma and the kiddos playing and making valentines together.

so sweet!

the cutest picture ever!!

i think they like eachother

benjamin's being shy in front of the camera

ruth's excited to be wearing her new care bears shirt that grandma got her!

and joseph is clutching tightly to his new Wiggles DVD 
(he's pretty much obsessed with them right now!)

i like this one :)

robert sucking his hand
(that's his new hobby)

Hope all of you are having a good week, too! I am teaching a little jewelry making class today to some elementary students at my boys' school! It's gonna be fun!

Have a great day!


  1. Great pictures. I love the one with grandma with Robert smiling so big.

  2. Diane2:21 PM

    What great pictures ! ! I'm a little jealous, turn for hugs next week :) Diane



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