Tuesday, February 22, 2011

building blocks and cracked vessels

I had a fantastic day yesterday. After I wrote my blog post, I stepped away from the computer and had a great morning playing with Ruth and Joseph, with Robby at my side. We did puzzles, stacked blocks into tall towers, and had fun in the walk-in hall closet under the stairs (I cleaned it all out over the weekend and made it into a fort for the kids to play in!) It really was a blast just hanging out with my children!

beautiful girl

stacking blocks in the sunlight

happy mama
sweet brothers

how i love them!

I am really beginning to feel the positive effects of the denying of my flesh (i talked about this in yesterday's post). I feel so much clearer in my head, and a lot more focused. I got so much done yesterday, too. The house stayed clean throughout the day, I was able to get some shop work done and pack some packages, and I also had some good quality time with the Lord. I am truly beginning to see that BALANCE I have been asking the Lord for! Hallelujah! 

Speaking of that, I want to thank y'all so much for all of your sweet comments on my post yesterday! I felt so much love and support! And I definitely don't feel alone either. It seems like God is working on many of us in this area! He is so faithful, and He will help us!!

I had a minor (very minor in the big scheme of life) setback this morning where the devil tried to steal my joy. I chipped my favorite vintage butter dish that sits on my kitchen counter. I use it almost everyday, and I love it. I put a big chip in it this morning. I almost cried! But, I recognized right away that I needed to resist the temptation to get upset and let it ruin my morning. It's only a butter dish, for heaven's sake! But, I really loved it... Anyway, I pouted about it for about one minute and then I moved on. And now, when I look at that big chip, I can remember that God loves to use cracked vessels! Any willing vessel is precious to Him! :)

Don't let the devil steal your joy either today! This is the day that the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be GLAD in it!!



  1. Amen and amen! Yours is the first blog post I read today, a low energy day. Thanks! Getting off the net now to go deny some flesh and grade papers...do laundry...do dishes...make beds....


  2. I'm inspired by you every day. It really helps me to read your blog. I'm glad you are feeling good. God is good.

  3. You look just beautiful in your post (and your kids look pretty darn cute, too!)! I hope that today is another one filled with blessings and balance for you! Thank you for inspiring us all! :)

  4. So sweet...have fun with those babes...

  5. NatalieY.10:52 AM

    You go, girl!! I love this! ...SO encouraging!! :-)



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