Monday, February 28, 2011

big boy beds and sleep deprivation

I woke up yesterday morning and had the sudden urge to take Joseph's crib down and put him in a toddler bed. Here's the photos of him last night in his new big boy bed. He and Ruth share a room, so there's some pics of her as well. They were both super-excited!

big boy!

look at his face! he's so excited.

we've used this little bed through all of the boys. Benjamin used it at 20 months, then Leo, and now Joseph.

(Joseph was really excited about his cookie monster pillowcase, too, that i picked up at Goodwill a few weeks ago - it has elmo on the other side :) )

i love this photo because of their little feet dangling off the side of the bed. it makes me smile

looking at this one reminds me of a similar photo of me as a little girl on my bed. we look so much alike!

i love this one of her sweet face. :) 

(the fun vintage quilt on her bed was my cousin's when she was a little girl in the 70s)
he seems right at home, doesn't he?

This morning I was sort of kicking myself though. Joseph was so excited last night that he didn't fall asleep until 11 oclock. I went to bed exhausted around midnight, and heard him outside my door at 1am playing with trains in the hallway. Then, he woke up bright and early before 7. I dragged myself out of bed and came downstairs. Picture me, groggy, in my pjs, messy hair, and no glasses (I was so tired I forgot to put them on), sitting in my recliner downstairs, with four children running all around me. I admit I had a little bit of a crying moment. Sometimes, it's a lot to process first thing in the morning! I remember those mornings before children when I could just sleep in and wake up naturally. Oh, well! This is life!! Hopefully, Joseph will adjust to his new little bed quickly, and I will get back into another kind of routine. 

In other news....

Robert started sucking his thumb!
(It is his new best friend.)
So adorable!!

Hope y'all have a fabulous week! I am continuing to seek that BALANCE I wrote about last Monday. God is definitely helping me, and I am so grateful.

Thankful for all of you!


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