Monday, January 3, 2011

surprise anniversary getaway - part two

So, we got into the car that morning and headed back down the mountain. On our way out, we saw Zee, the proprieter of the group of cabins. It was so neat to see her again, after ten years! When we came for our honeymoon, Zee and her husband had just started the business. They were so sweet to us, and their little 10 year old boy was so cute! Now, their son is 20 years old and is in the Marines! Time sure does fly!

Clint and I drove all day and arrived in the Outer Banks just after midnight. We had hoped to make it there before midnight, but the drive took longer than he expected. So, when the clock struck 12, we held hands in the car as we drove and prayed in the new year. We thanked God for all the blessings of 2010 and asked Him to guide us and help us through 2011! It was a sweet time together.

Clint had taken me to the Outer Banks after that little cabin on our honeymoon, too, so it was super-fun to see all the sights again, ten years later.

Robby and I on the beach the first morning of the new year

I think this photo is really special because Clint and I took a similiar one on the beach on our honeymoon, and that photo had rays of light between us, just like this one! how cool is that?!

snow covered mountains one day, beautiful beach the next...
what a road trip!!
there was even a little bit of snow on the sand! isn't that crazy?!

i love this!

clint and i went to see all the lighthouses on our honeymoon, so he thought it would be fun to visit our favorite one, Cape Hatteras

(he didn't know it was being repaired... oh well!)

we chuckled a little bit that the lighthouse was all covered up with scaffolding.

but this is a pretty cute picture, nevertheless

so pretty!

driving back home
surrounded by water and bright blue skies

The whole trip was quite an adventure! Lots of driving in the car together, but that was fun because Clint and I had so much uninterrupted time together to talk and just hang out. Things are so busy for us right now that we rarely get alone time, let alone hours and hours of it. So, the trip was a blessing, for sure, and a good chance for us to re-connect again!
And when we got home, we were greeted by our happy children and my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and her 6 year old son. They had cleaned my house from top to bottom! I am so humbled and grateful to Diane and Amy for all their hard work and help so that Clint and I could have this special getaway. What a blessing!!


  1. Isn't the beach beautiful!? My family vacationed at the Outer Banks one year.:) And how neat to see the snow! Your husband loves and cares for you; that is wonderful to see. Continue loving your family, Mrs.Lora! I hope to have a happpy family too, should God bless me with a husband and children when I'm older...

  2. Okay, it just doesn't get any better than this?! A get-a-way with your love AND coming home to a clean house!!! That is so fantastic. I am so happy they were all able to bless you in that way.

  3. What a wonderful anniversary! Hope your next ten years are beautiful and blessed.

  4. Loved reading both suprise anniversary post. You're one blessed lady!



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