Tuesday, January 11, 2011

lester's snow day

We had a snow day yesterday. Lots and lots of snow. It snowed all day long. In fact, the ground is still covered with snow today, and school is closed again! Wow...

(We don't get much of that around these parts.)

It is so beautiful.

Clint built a roaring fire first thing in the morning yesterday, and we all enjoyed sitting beside it, especially Lester.

Here's a few pictures of him enjoying the fire:

And here's the view yesterday afternoon from my living room window overlooking the backyard

It's a winter wonderland!


  1. Diane1:12 PM

    That kitty-cat has it made ! !
    The snow is beautiful. We didn't get even a flake of it. Diane

  2. Oh my...the first photo of Lester with his little kitty arms outstretched is too funny!!



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