Saturday, January 22, 2011

in the thinking chair

After I put the kiddos to bed the other night, I came downstairs into the living room.

And this is what I found:

Lester had made himself comfortable in the "thinking chair" (you know, from Blue's Clues..)

it was so cute! 

Hope all of you have a great weekend!  I'm looking forward to going out ALL BY MYSELF today!! My hubby's going to watch the kids this afternoon so I can have some much needed time alone. I am super excited!!



  1. Diane9:45 AM

    Oh are so cute ! ! ! We think your sister showed up at our house about 2 months ago. She looks like you and she has won over the heart of Robert :) this is the man who has never cared for cats at all..God does work in mysterious ways :) Diane



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