Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I love how God uses all of us to encourage eachother, don't you? When one of us is down, He brings along a sister or brother in Christ to lift us up.

I experienced this a few days ago. I got an email from Annalea (of annaleahart.com- an amazing blog, by the way). She told me that while she and her family were having their worship time that morning, she thought about my jewelry and saw the word ABUNDANCE stamped on a necklace. She wanted to share that with me and sent me that email. Well, that one little word, "abundance" was just the word that I needed to hear that morning. I definitely haven't felt very "abundant" lately. Times are tough for us, mostly in the financial department (like so many others in the world right now). I struggle so often with trusting God. And I needed to be reminded that He is a God of ABUNDANCE. He is the giver of every good thing! And He has promised to take care of me and my family.

I spent that morning after I got Annalea's email studying the Bible, looking up every scripture I could find with the word ABUNDANCE in it. And it was a such a sweet time with the Lord.

Then, I sat down at my dining room table and made this necklace:

"You gave ABUNDANT showers, O God; you refreshed your weary inheritance."
Psalm 68:9

I was led to the above scripture after I had made the necklace and knew that that was the scripture for the piece. And I was amazed at how God orchestrated every little detail! I had decided to cut the pendant into a teardrop shape and add an ocean blue bead. How perfect - the pendant is in the shape of a drop (symbolizing the abundant showers) and the blue bead represents the streams of water.  I love how the Lord can lead me to do things when I'm making my jewelry that might not make sense to me at the time, but totally make sense later when He shows me the meaning behind it!

I also was reminded of an older worship song by Matt Redman while was studying ABUNDANCE that morning. The basic gist of the song is:

God deserves our praise no matter what we're going through,
no matter how we feel...

Whether we're in a place of abundance or a place of lack.

He is always worthy.

He is always good.

 He is always GOD.


  1. thank you for this! what a beautiful beautiful (and needed) verse! Bless you!

  2. Beautiful necklace, and what a perfect verse to meditate upon.

  3. It is awesome how God uses us to encourage one another! Thanks for the reminder, I needed it too!

  4. NatalieY.11:51 AM

    This is so good, Lora. Thank you for sharing...

  5. i am so excited to get my necklace! :)



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