Sunday, December 26, 2010

our mountain getaway

We spent the past three days at our favorite mountain getaway, a little cottage by a creek. This is the third year in a row we've spent there (to see pics of our times there in 2008 and 2009, click here and here - it's neat to see how much the kiddos have changed!)

Here's the highlights of our stay:

isn't this just the sweetest little cottage? we love it so....

beautiful snow

leo relaxing in the big rocking chair

robby enjoying the roaring fire

his little half-smile that i love so much

a typical scene in the quaint little living room

what clint did a lot of

in fact, clint and i took turns napping the entire time we stayed in the cabin.
it was so nice!

benjamin trying to figure out how to build his new lego helicopter

me enjoying quiet family time

joseph's sweet face

snack time!

benjamin's birthday cake in my anniversary gift from clint, a new aluminum cake pan
(when he gave it to me, it was filled with dark chocolate!)
**the traditional gift for 10 years is aluminum**
my anniversary gift to clint
(i stamped the lyrics to our song on a piece of aluminum and put it in a pretty frame)

benjamin's 7th birthday

blowing out the candles

me and the birthday boy

ruth's first barbie


  1. looks like a lovely time. and what a great anniversary gift!

  2. Very happy for your and your family...such a nice way to end the year :)



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