Thursday, December 2, 2010

new in the shop!

I just listed a new pair of earrings in the shop! I am pretty excited about these. My husband actually gave me the idea for these a few weeks ago. He noticed a girl wearing some similar to these at work and said to me, "Couldn't you make some like those? I bet people would love them!"
Isn't he cute? Always on the lookout for new jewelry designs for his crafty wife to make...

Hammered Copper Disc Earrings

i love these earrings because they are so classic and would really look great with any outfit.

** perfect for everyday wear! **

i love this photo! doesn't the copper look so beautiful with the light reflecting off of it?!
*Just wanted to do a quick show-and-tell! :)*
Have a great day!
ps- please pray for Joseph today. He came down with a pretty high fever a little before lunch. Poor little guy. :( He's napping now. Pray that he will be all well when he wakes up from his nap. thanks so much!

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  1. NatalieY.10:31 PM

    Love the earrings!! I will be praying for Joseph... Joshua has been a bit 'icky' this week off and on since Tuesday morning. Destiny came down with a REALLY HIGH fever on Tuesday evening and has been 'off and on' also, with how she has felt, since then. Hmmm... COMPLETE HEALING and HEALTH for all our children, in Jesus Name! :-)



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