Sunday, December 12, 2010

home is where the heart is

I am a big fan of an etsy shop called Peach Parlor. I've followed Jody's blog and shop for awhile now, and I really love her work. She is so talented! And she has such a flair for putting vintage fabrics, ribbons, yarn, and buttons together to create some beautiful wreaths, headbands, pins, pillows, and more... (Go check out her shop to see what I'm talking about! She also has some really fun vintage pieces for sale as well.)

We recently did a trade for some goodies from eachother's shops (something I really love to do with other etsy sellers!). I received my part of the deal in the mail yesterday, and boy, was I thrilled to open her package!!

It was wrapped so beautifully that I even had to take some pictures of the packaging!

"brown paper packages tied up with string..."

Ruth was especially enamored with the sparkly star that Jody attached to the package.

And there it is! The wonderful pillow that Jody made with an antique needlepoint sampler.
Be still my heart. I love it so much!!!

Benjamin playing with the sparkly star...
I love this photo of him.

The pillow quickly found a home on one of my guest beds.
I think the pillow looks absolutely perfect on this bed and in this room, don't you think?!

and look at that vintage gold pom pom trim!!
i love it!!

**home is where the heart is**
so true!
I truly love to be surrounded by handmade things, don't you?
Speaking of handmade things, here's a quick announcement: The Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day is tomorrow!! I'm super excited! It's so much fun. Hundreds of bloggers are having giveaways for things they've made or for sewing/crafting supplies. I am also participating, and will be having a giveaway as well! So, make sure to check back tomorrow and enter to win my giveaway!!
Have a restful Sunday,


  1. The pillow fits perfectly on this bed and in this room! Is this really a coincidence? :D

  2. this is my favorite blog post of all time :) seeing people love what they recieved is the BEST feeling! it's so rewarding. especially the pictures of your kids with the ornament and package.. how cute are they!

    i'm so glad you loved it, and i couldn't imagine a better place to send it to. it works in that room so well!

    thanks again for the trade (and the awesome post!)

  3. Oh my gosh...there is so much that I love in this shop! Definitely adding it to my favorites.



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